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1-221-709-6795 from Lincolnguy
had some guy call Sunday and say i won 1 of 5 possible prizes from a ballot i never filled out. wanted me to confirm that i was 30-69 years old and commonlaw/married. Im 25 and single, but i played along. then wanted me to meet for 90 minute dinner reception but i had to bring my spouse and both bring our ID. Seems like a scam to try and sell crap or look at ID.

1-221-709-6414 from JT
Keep getting calls from 221-709-6414 with a 9 infront of the number. It looks like some crooks had hacked into someone phone system to make call.
They called twice already and I just ignored the call.
He or she doesn't have guts to leave a message.

1-221-709-6807 from CaptSven
Apparently my name was drawn from some ballot that I never filled out. I was given a choice of 5 prizes that I could potentially win, but I needed to give some personal info for verification....that's when I told the guy on the phone to stuff it......the annoying thing is they keep calling back, and my Bell canada call screen service can not block that number for some reason.

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