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1-223-987-5001 from GIRLIE
i keep getting a call from 223-987-5001 and finally left a message. it sounds like a autmated message saying that he is steve and to call 800-213-9519. it was saying that it is very important that you call me back before a decision is being made.is there a way to stop these calls? i hate to change my number just becuse of this...

1-223-987-5001 from Down-Homer
I received a call and answered it. They asked for someone but I could not understand and then wanted my name. I told them, you called me so you should know my name!! END OF CONVERSATION!!! Some people have way too much time on their hands and I don't have stupid tattooed on my forehead!! DUH!!

1-223-324-1589 from silly willy
From this phone number they left a message. The man's voice was automated. He had a very deep voice. He said "A representative will be right with you". I knew then that it is a telemarketer or somrthing that isn't important. Apparently others have received this number. Well, now you know. They have called me several times and it's always in the morning about 8:30am. I never answered it because I didn't recognize the number especially the area code. They finally left a message on my voicemail, so now we know it's no one important and if anyone who does receive this call from this phone number doesn't need to answer it.

1-223-987-5001 from Suz
I keep getting calls from 223-987-5001 number i do not answer number I do not know. I been getting from cloud and tidwell law offices as well since 12-08 and can't get them to STOP. what sfunny they say their name is jack and jill they leave a message this i snot a sell call but you have to call right away the law ofice of cloud and tidwell. (205) 933-0311
this # is on the no call list.

1-223-987-5001 from queen
don't know who it is. and l didn't answer nor did they leave a message

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