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1-876-401-7496 from Marge
I received a call from the above number saying that it was the US Treasury. Said I owed money. The caller hd a very heavy accent so I could hardly understand him. It sounded like a pfishing expedition.

1-876-478-5814 from Kiw
I have received over 150 calls from this number and 4 other numbers. The man says that someone owes me $700 and I have told him sereral times to stop calling and he swears at me and then hangs us. He called 32 times 1 day. I contacted State Police and did not hear back. I hate to change my phone number I have had for over 50 years but I guess I will have too.

1-876-481-9530 from john c
this person keeps calling saying i have won money and wants me to pay a retainer to get the money

1-876-288-1633 from doest say
calls to get money wetern unioned to him because some lottery was won. in order to get the money you must western union him money and then he will come to the house with money

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