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Did you receive a call from (561)623-1402? Share the details with us by leaving a comment below about the phone number or read about unwanted phone calls from 5616231402.

561-623-1402 from Mad!
No one says a word when you answer from this number, they just hang up and they call 4-10 times a day. When you call it back it is just a busy signal! Very frustrating!

561-623-1402 from ehh
samee!!....and its creepy b/c the one time i answered and they were there they knew my name and then i hung up

561-623-1402 from bird
Was home from work today and received 8 calls from this number and each time they hung up, called back and there was silence on line. Very annoying!

561-623-1402 from annoyed
I received multiple calls from the number daily! I do not answer as I do not recognize the number but its truly a pain in the butt.

561-623-1402 from tricker
I am getting the same thing 6 or more times a day I just hit ignore. Can you block a number on your cell phone?

561-623-1402 from PISSED

561-623-1402 from SID @ SALEM INTL UNIVERSITY
Missed a call to which they left a voicemail, sounded like the call came from a park or something. Called back, got silence. WTF?

561-623-1402 from DGENOBI
so far i found out the # is a way to get money out of you for the info of who the # belongs to . they ask you to pay $44.99 for the info

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