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727-235-6198 from ReiRei
I don't know who he is. He called to inform me that I have recieved a Free $100 Walmart Gift Card on behalf of my Mastercard. He knew my name and wanted to verify my address for shipment. I inform him I was not interested in his offer. He replied with "you must be very rich that's why you don't need this gift card" and hung up on me. He seen so unprofessional and unprepared in trying to persuade me to accept his offer. The call just didn't sound legit that why I didn't give him any of my perosnal information and rejected his offer. Based on the sound of his voice and language, I believe his is a young African American male. After the call, I inform my creditors regarding this matter and they place me on fraud protection. Thankfully, I have caller ID and was able to record his number. Though a caller identifer online website I was able to trace his number to a landline phone in Saint Petersburg, FL. No other personal informaton was provided unless you pay a fee which was not neccessary for me. At least I know this caller was a fake.

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