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877-205-2434 from Wendy
I received a call on my cell phone from a man who identified himself as detective Ron Peterson with SB Investigations. When I called the number back, there was a recording and I was put on hold. I then received a message saying that extension is not available.

877-205-2434 from Harold
Received a call from someone and was told to return the call to this number. Caller ID showed as 414.751.6560 (cell phone).

877-205-2434 from Dennis
I received from a person who identified himself as Ron Peterson of SB Investigations who advised me to call him regarding case no. 3070. I called back in the evening, from my hyome phone that he called originally, and left a voice message.

877-205-2434 from anonymous
i also received a phone call from ron peterson from sb investigations at this phone #. he said he was investigating fraudulent claim by someone with my last name that said i was related to him. please advise if there is anything i should be weary about.

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