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877-405-3404 from Diane
This number continues to call my 87 year old mother with threats of arrest asking for information about individuals she has no knowledge of or are unknown. They are harassing her to no end even stating that they will show up on her door step to get what they need. Apparently they are some sort of collection agency but not identified as such when you call. Report filed to State Attorney General in Arizona and Washington.

877-405-3404 from Dr Ohknow

This agency is looking to collect money on bad payday loans.

If you or your child or someone you know or might know or they think you know, has not paid back a payday loan, these guys will be calling you and will stop at nothing to track down who ever it is. But... for the most part the people they are looking for are people you don't even know. They might have your same last name or someone else gave them YOUR number.

The important thing is to get them to acknowledge that you know your rights and make it clear to the caller that if they call again they are in violation of your rights.


Next time they call, read the following statement:

Pursuant to [your state] state law, this is to inform you that this phone call is being recorded. If you do not consent to being recorded, you need to terminate this call. Pursuant to [your state] state law, continuation of this phone call after officially being informed that it is being recorded implies consent to be recorded. This recording will be used to pursue Fair Debt Collection Practice Act violations in a court of law.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

Read up on the law here...


Then if they call, you are armed to turn the tide upon them when you unleash your right to utterly piss them off by beating them at their own game.

Good luck.

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